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Half of junior doctors have concerns about quality of care, survey finds

Over half of the junior doctors (51%) surveyed by MPS had concerns over the quality of care in their workplace. The survey of 1,052 newly-qualified doctors found that over 60% of doctors in their foundation year 1 confided in fellow trainees about their concerns.

Doctors in their foundation year 2 were more willing to discuss their quality of care concerns, with 67% raising the issue with their clinical managers.

The survey revealed that four in five F1s (82%) said that they had struggled with long hours in the past 12 months. In addition, 85% said that they were working beyond their contracted hours, and 68% said that they were finding heavy workloads demanding.

The survey also revealed that whilst 60% of junior doctors chose a career in medicine because they wanted to help people, 71% of F1s felt they did not have enough time to give patients the care they required, and half found it hard to manage patients with unrealistic expectations.

Dr Pallavi Bradshaw, medicolegal adviser at MPS, said: “We must build an environment which allows junior members of the team to raise concerns about patient safety. It is encouraging to see that those in their second year of training feel confident to report such matters.

“Senior clinicians and clinical managers have a responsibility for creating an open culture and an environment where recognition and discussion of care quality issues is routine.”

Dr Bradshaw added: “It is important that junior doctors are supported in their first years on the wards, and with one in five respondents (22%) having been involved in a complaint or claim, it highlights the need to have support available from a medical protection organisation, such as MPS, if something does go wrong.”

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