Communication skills workshops

With the aim of minimising risk and delivering improved patient care, MPS workshops are focused on advice and practical tools and tips.

Our workshops are expertly facilitated, using a blend of presentations, small group discussions and activities, case studies, reflective exercises and opportunities to rehearse skills. To ensure optimum interaction, group size is limited to 24 participants per workshop.

All our facilitators are general practitioners, consultants or clinicians who have undergone formal training with MPS. Where possible and applicable, our workshops qualify for CEU's.

Mastering Your Risk

Provides a thorough grounding in the issues surrounding risk management and introduces practical and preventive techniques that improve communication skills and patient satisfaction.
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Mastering Adverse Outcomes

Provides powerful training in the effective and ethical management of patient care following a serious adverse outcome. Using clinical scenarios and the MPS A.S.S.I.S.T© model for handling adverse outcomes, this workshop gives participants the confidence to formulate a personal effective and ethical response to this most challenging of clinical situations.
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Mastering Professional Interactions

Poor doctor-patient communication has long been identified as a major cause of complaints and litigation. However, doctor-doctor communication is increasingly being identified as a significant source of risk to patient safety and a doctor's risk of complaint or claim. This workshop explores the nature of these risks, including patient referrals, clinical handover, and disagreements amongst doctors, and examines strategies and models to overcome these risks.
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Mastering Difficult Interactions with Patients

Working in healthcare means having to deal with very challenging interactions and difficult situations, so it's not surprising that doctors report that dealing with such interactions is one of their biggest workplace challenges. This workshop explores the causes of difficult interactions and provides techniques to effectively handle these situations.
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Mastering Shared Decision Making

Patient dissatisfaction with the decision making process about their treatment options is an important contributor to the risk of action against a doctor. This workshop will assist you in reducing your exposure to risk by improving your skills in helping patients make appropriate and informed choices.

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