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Risk Management Workshops

MPS workshops are focused on providing advice and practical tools and tips to help you deliver improved patient care

Mastering Professional Interactions

You may not have realised, but a third of patients making a complaint have been urged to do so by other doctors.

When the care of a patient passes between doctors or when two doctors disagree over the best care for a patient this can lead to increased risk for all parties involved. We are seeing the risk from these types of professional interactions increasing and more frequently leading to complaints and disciplinary actions against doctors.

The Mastering Professional Interactions workshop is designed to help you identify the risk factors related to professional interactions. It provides proven techniques and models to reduce risk and improve patient outcomes.


96% of attendees agreed that they were likely to change something within their practice as a result of attending.


Suitable for
Suitable for

General practitioners and specialists


Three hour workshop comprising short lectures, reflective exercise, small group-facilitated discussions and group activities and rehearsal of skills


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By attending this workshop you will:

  • increase your understanding of the nature of high-risk professional interactions
  • learn how to deal with disagreements between doctors over patient care
  • develop more effective colleague interactions
  • gain increased awareness of risk to patients and doctors when patient care is transferred or disagreements occur
  • learn specific strategies to improve formal referral and clinical handover.

MPS communication skills workshops

This workshop can be delivered in house for practices with a minimum of 15 doctors.

If you are interested in commissioning this workshop for your organisation, please contact MPS Education Services for more information and costs.


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