Why apply for elective protection?

MPS members have access to FREE elective protection. Here are a few reasons why you should apply for this protection:

  1. Whilst you are at UWI it is highly unlikely you will be subject to a claim for clinical negligence arising from your training. However, the situation may be very different in another country.
  2. It is likely that the institution hosting your visit will ask for evidence that you have some form of indemnity or malpractice cover.
  3. As an MPS member you can access telephone advice to help you through any medicolegal or ethical dilemma you may encounter whilst you are away.

Please note if you are planning to travel to Australia for your elective you must get in touch with us to ensure you have the correct protection.

Disclaimer: MPS aims to use its reputation and position within the medical profession to work with other reputable companies to provide members with access to offers and additional services that we hope they will find beneficial. Changing circumstances, or unforeseen events, may cause us to change, supplement or withdraw particular offers from time to time.


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