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The Clinical Indemnity Scheme: Why it's not enough

Complaints to the Medical Council, Garda inquiries and disciplinary hearings, medicolegal and ethical dilemmas, unwanted media attention…all are daunting prospects for every doctor and the limitations of the Clinical Indemnity Scheme (CIS) mean you will potentially face them alone.

If you are working

Furthermore, if you work in a private capacity such as in general practice or a private hospital, the CIS will not cover you for the financial consequences of a claim for clinical negligence.

This is where Medical Protection comes in.

The need for Medical Protection membership

Although the cost of clinical negligence claims accounts for the majority of our expenditure, the majority of the cases involve assisting members with other medicolegal and ethical enquiries, such as a complaint to the Irish Medical Council (IMC) or a disciplinary procedure, which can have serious consequences for a doctor’s reputation and career.

369 doctors
1 in 55

The CIS is there to ensure patients who experience harm as a result of substandard care are compensated. Its primary purpose is not to protect you or your professional interests – this is where Medical Protection can help.

Do not rely on the CIS alone

The table below shows the limitations of the CIS compared to the benefits of membership offered by Medical Protection. 


Information and risk management

We are committed to helping you avoid problems and provide the best care for your patients. Using our wealth of knowledge and experience we have developed a range of risk management resources to help reduce your exposure to complaints and claims including publications, conferences, workshops, e-learning and clinical risk self assessments (CRSAs).

Protection through partnership

The CIS is focused on ensuring that patients who are harmed have access to appropriate compensation. Our whole ethos is focused on putting your needs first and doing our best to help you in your professional practice in whatever way we can.

We remain independent and mutual, which means we can continue to focus on what’s best for members and nothing else.