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Our claims-made protection for obstetricians and gynaecologists can provide you with protection against claims for damages, costs or compensation arising from adverse clinical incidents. When we take on a member's case we can take care of all of the legal costs and damages or compensation payments up to a discretionary indemnity limit of HK$150 million.

Why claims-made?

In 2015 we introduced claims-made protection for obstetricians and gynaecologists who manage pregnancies after 24 weeks’ gestation. This was due to the challenges and risks associated with obstetric claims and obstetric litigation.
The length of time between a birth injury and the settlement of an obstetric claim can be 20 years or more, compared with an average of five years for non-obstetric claims.
This delay means that there are many factors that can impact on the final value of the claim, such as:
  • changes in legislation
  • changes in the claims environment
  • increased willingness of patients to make a claim.
These have all changed dramatically during the past 20 years, so accurately pricing obstetric risk is difficult due to the huge degree of uncertainty.
Following feedback from members, we can now offer the opportunity to make a single payment for extended reporting benefits (ERBs) at the time of retirement. Further information can be found here
We are in the process of updating this part of our website to reflect the new arrangements with ERBs and expect it to be accessible in January 2017. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact